Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to the most common questions from our clients.

  • What is Fundablex?

    Fundablex is an investment website that offers wide range of fixed return investment plans exclusively to its registered users.

  • How do I get started?

    Just visit the signup page, fill in the registration form with valid credentials to open a free account. You can then login to your new account and choose any one of the Investment plans available, that suits your financial capabilities and proceed with the deposit. That's it, you can then login to your account regularly to watch, withdraw and manage your investments.

  • I did not receive my verification email?

    At times, the verification mail from us might get accidently diverted to your email's junk mail folder. Please check there as well before making a resend verification mail request. Additionally, do check if the email address you have provided is correct and active.

  • What is Transaction code?

    Transaction code is a set of number (4 digits or more - e.g. 1234) that you can remember easily. This code acts as a secondary password while you update your account or place a withdrawal request. It adds an extra layer of security to your account from unauthorized access.

  • What are deposit methods available?

    Currently we support only Binance Coin (BNB - BEP20) for deposit and withdrawal.

  • Can I cancel my deposit prior?

    No. In all the investment plans we offer the principal amount is returned when the plan expires. You can then choose to withdraw the funds or reinvest. Cancelling a deposit while the before the plan expiry date is not allowed. Hence, choose your plan duration carefully based on your financial capabilities.

  • How do I withdraw funds and how long does it take to complete?

    The minimum withdrawal amount is $1. Once you reach the minimum limit you can submit a withdrawal request. All withdrawal requests are automatically processed and the equivalent amount of BNB is transferred to the BNB wallet address you have provided instantly. You can make only one withdrawal request per day. If in case, a withdrawal request becomes pending due to network issues, we will complete it manually within 24 Hrs.

  • How do I update my information?

    Just login to your account and visit the profile update section under settings. There you will be able to update your password, 2FA settings, change confirmation code and update BTC wallet address. Your primary email address cannot be changed and please contact support in case you need to update your primary email address.

  • What is internal transfer?

    In case if you have a friend or relative who maintains an account with Fundablex, you can send funds to his/her account by just entering the receiver’s username and the amount you wish to transfer. You can transfer any amount between $2 to $10000. A transaction fee of 2% of the sum transferred is deducted from the sender’s account and you can do a maximum of 3 internal transfers per day.

  • How does the Referral Program works?

    All active members who login to their Fundablex account is eligible to receive commissions from the deposits made by members they refer. Just login to your account, copy the your unique referral link and start promoting it in social networks. You will receive 5% from the deposits made by your direct referrals, 3% from the second level referrals and 2% from third level referrals.

  • Will I receive commision from my referrals if the reinvest?

    No. To ensure the stability of the program and possible exploitation of our referral system, you will receive referral commission only from your referral’s direct investment using one of our available payment methods. You do not receive a commission when your referrals add deposit using their existing account balance accumulated from earnings, principal return, or internal transfers.

  • What is RCB?

    In case, you are running an affiliate campaign and would like to offer a special bonus for people signing up using your affiliate link, the RCB feature comes handy. It stands for Referral Commission Back and as the name suggest, this option allows you to return a part or full of the affiliate commission you receive from a user back to his/her account.

  • Are the Investment services offered here is registered under any Govt Monetary agencies?

    No. Your investment with Fundablex is considered as a mutually accepted private transaction between you and Fundablex. On the other hand, we accumulate and utilize the funds collected to carry out our high-volume trading and capital ventures efficiently to generate profits which is then shared with our contributing members.